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‘Hotei Arcūs’ now finished… I think…

Well that didn’t take long – ‘Hotei Arcūs‘ is finished. A 12 and a half minute ambient space music track, that will soon be available to download FOR FREE at any damn sound quality you desire from 128kbs up to … Continue reading

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New Artwork for ‘Dark Flow’

I re-did the ‘Fake Universe’ artwork, so I re-did the ‘Dark Flow’ artwork too, even though the original was never public. It is better, though, trust me on this.

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‘Hotei Arcus’ – new piece being recorded

A new piece has been started called ‘Hotei Arcus’, named for a region of Titan where there are 200M tall frozen methane plumes. Sounds fun. I think this is going to a long piece – 10 minutes or so – … Continue reading

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New Artwork for ‘Fake Universe’

This is a bit better, isn’t it? I like the weird space-canyon picutre, but not for this, and I was never entirely happy about the typefaces I used. I will now go and make a cup of tea to celebrate.

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‘Dark Flow’ is finished

Well, that’s finished now. All I have to do is get it uploaded and out there… Track listing is almost the same as I thought it might be, except I’ve shortened ‘Cosmic Microwave Background‘ to ‘CMB‘.

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‘Fake Universe’ is out!

The ‘Fake Universe’ EP is now out – listen to it on the player below, and download it for nothing (free!) or buy the superior-quality version for $4 of your Earth money. Which is a bargain, I reckon, especially if … Continue reading

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