I’ve been a bit busy…

I’ve just realised there has been no fresh music for a few months now, since July more or less. Sorry about that.

I’ve been busy, not only with my other band Mink15, but a massive computer hardware failure. I was lucky that most of my music projects were on an external drive, but it still took ages to get my system up and running again. There was smoke coming out of my hard drive, so I thought I’d better replace it!

Anyway,I feel like making some ambient space music soon, although probably not the semi-random system music I was playing with this summer. I might be working some location recordings into the mix. Maybe.

My music is all up onhttp://music.spookydirt.com for you to hear, and some is free to download, so fill your boots!


About Andy

Chick Peas! Humous! Acoustic guitar! Vintage Cameras! Mandolins! Arduino! Jogging! Exclamation marks!!!! Also makes music
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