‘Kraken Mare’ – new track

Just releasing a new track – can be played in widget above – should be on iTunes/Amazon/Spotify/Emusic soon.

17 minutes on the moon Titan, a musical journey through the sinister and alien environment. The track is made of 3 stages: Kraken Mare, Mayda Insula and Rohe Fluctus.

I’d done these pieces a few weeks ago, and then I saw ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ (the one with Prof. Brian Cox in) and really enjoyed the one about the moons of Saturn. And that inspired me to name these stages after features of Titan.

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I’ve been a bit busy…

I’ve just realised there has been no fresh music for a few months now, since July more or less. Sorry about that.

I’ve been busy, not only with my other band Mink15, but a massive computer hardware failure. I was lucky that most of my music projects were on an external drive, but it still took ages to get my system up and running again. There was smoke coming out of my hard drive, so I thought I’d better replace it!

Anyway,I feel like making some ambient space music soon, although probably not the semi-random system music I was playing with this summer. I might be working some location recordings into the mix. Maybe.

My music is all up onhttp://music.spookydirt.com for you to hear, and some is free to download, so fill your boots!

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‘Grains’ – A new track

A new track for you – but I suppose 37 minutes is really an album?

Each instrument plays a different phrase (or even silence) depending on chance, and as the phrases are of uneven lengths, the piece never repeats; phrases overlapping in different combinations and times as the track unfolds.

The length is 37 minutes, but it could be left to run forever…

(released 17 July 2011)

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‘The Rain’ – new album

Some new ambient for you:

Further experiments in probability-generated composition of ambient… short fragments of odd lengths played on different instruments, only playing when the dice land a certain way…

(except they’re not actual dice)

(released 24 May 2011)

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‘68’ is here!

The new spookydirt album ‘68’ is here – listen on the widget below.

It is named for the BPM of the track.

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‘68’ is here!

The latest spookydirt album is here: ’68’ is over 50 minutes of minimalist ambient drones and floaty noises. ‘one’ is over 25 minutes long. ‘two’ is probability-based generated music. ‘three’ has synths fed through a Vox AC30 guitar amplifier.

This album is probably best listened to at low volume levels, let the sounds creep into the room and into your mind, rather that blast it out. (Plus, it gets louder and I wouldn’t want you to blow up your speakers).

released 15 May 2011

It is named for the BPM of the track.

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Something new on the way…


Coming very soon, a new album from spookydirt.  It has 3 tracks, and is over 50 minutes long. So, some quite long tracks there.

Expect a release sometime this week.

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CD Baby

I’m now releasing some music through CD baby, starting with Flux Rope and Eta Carinae. Downloads can still be found on Emusic, Amazon, iTunes, etc

There probably won’t be any new ambient for a while, as I am busy (again) working on the Mink15 album.

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Eta Carinae

By the time you read this Eta Carinae should be live on many download stores including Emusic, Amazon and CDbaby.

Eagle-eyed persons will have noticed that the artwork has changed. Slightly.

Eta Carinae cover image

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Don’t Panic!

Flux Rope and Cosmotourism will soon disappear from download stores (iTunes, Emusic, etc) – I’m moving my account from TuneCore to CDbaby, so they will soon be re-appearing. They should only be gone for a short time, a few weeks maybe. Sorry if this causes any problems.

If you are desperate to buy one of these tracks, you can get them from music.spookydirt.com.

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